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After a twenty-year run in the entertainment industry, Jeff returned to his home state and settled down in Nashville, Tennessee, where he now lives with his wife and son.  


As an entrepreneur, Jeff owns and operates both a Code Ninjas center and a post-production editing company.  His work with MTV and on blockbuster movie productions such as Joker, Hunger Games, Solo, Jumanji, and the newest Top Gun, to name a few, gives him a unique perspective and skill set to market on a global scale.  

As the more mature partner in the XP team, Jeff remembers when the first ever Pong game was released in 1972, which truly marked the birth of video games. He sees XP League as an avenue for youth to start down the path toward a STEM career.


When not working you can find Jeff playing golf, poker or a mean game of Scrabble, and mowing his 2.5 acre lawn with his son.
Gamer Tag: #OldSchool

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